Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The final Fish Count........And then we were home.

Week 10 continued with most every day bringing warmer weather, but lots and lots of wind and rain.   We both got out to fish on Monday later in the day, but the fish count was low........Tuesday was very very warm and the water was like glass.  Rich went out alone that evening and only caught two small fish; a crappie and a perch.  We had planned on getting out early on Thursday morning, but the weather kept us in all day. We were out just after 6:00 am on Friday morning and the breeze was perfect for drifting, allowing us to catch about 20 fish before we called it a day.   The rest of the day would be packing up the car so we could get an early start for home on Saturday morning.

Final Fish Count!!  741,  Rich - 358,  Donna - 311, and Denny and the kids - 72

With the exception of Bill and Linda - everyone else would be pulling out in the morning, so we decided that a campfire was in order for our last night.   We met so many wonderful people during our stay this year, many that we hope to stay in touch with.  Below are a few pictures at the campfire, before it got too dark.....

Scott headed out fishing, but Linda and the boys started packing - getting the kayaks tied to the roof.  They joined the campfire later....... Group family photos... That is Jerry and Diane (upper left) with their daughter Trisha, son - in - law and two grand-kids.  They have been coming to Rogers Camps for 29 years!!!  Family  photo center bottom is our good friends Bill and Linda with daughter Stacy, son-in-law Abi and grandson Heshem.  Stacy and Trisha have been coming here with family since they were 3 years old!  Nice group of people - we will miss them - but hope to see them again next year.

Saturday would be day one of the trip back to Florida.  We were up early.  It was 58 degrees outside.  Finished packing and we pulled out at 6:57 AM.   We would be on I-81 South all day long, travelling through NY, PA, Maryland, West Virginia and finally Virginia, arriving at our hotel - The Econo Lodge in Harrisonburg, VA.  We drove 542 miles that day arriving at 4:22 PM.  Dinner was a quick drive up the road to Golden Corral and then to bed early. 

Not a lot of pictures on the way home, just a few of the beautiful hills and lakes, especially Lake Norman in N. Carolina.  That looks like a place we might check out for a visit one day.   Gas prices were not too bad, but waited until we were out of NY State, paying $2.39/gal in PA. and for the cigarette smokers $30.89/carton in Virginia!  

Day 2 - we were on the road at 6:45 AM and made our way through VA, NC, SC and into GA.   Gassed up again before we left VA @ 2.19/gal, but saw it a little later as low as $2.11.  It wasn't until we hit SC when at 1:00 PM the temperature outside was 91 degrees.  The first time we saw temps over 90 since we left Florida in June!!   Day 2 with the exception of some rain showers was uneventful.  We drove 606 miles and spent the night at the Comfort Inn in Brunswick, GA.    We dined at Cracker Barrel and the Roast Beef and Chicken Fried Chicken were excellent.

Day 3 we were on the road at 6:35 AM and headed for home. We hit the GA/FL line at 7:04, Jacksonville at 7:25, Orlando at 8:45, I-27 in Haines City at 10.21 and Lake Placid at 11:44.........got our first glimpse of Lake June as we turned off 27 and then again at our canal to the lake.  Garage door went up at 11:53 AM.  We drove 311 miles..........and our Black Lake Adventure was now officially over. 

And today - Tuesday.....as the humidity hits 97% and the temperature too is in the mid 90's, we both agree that we left NY way too early!!

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