Thursday, November 24, 2016

Memory Lapse - or getting OLD? Cooking, Baking and Lots of Yard Work

 Funny story........ 😟  Looked at my blog this morning, and thought that Google had made some kind of changes that had erased everything that I had posted since the beginning of November!  Could not understand, tried to do some research to see if I missed some kind of upgrade or something.........then I got a call from my friend Tonyia today...........and she assured me that there was no problem with Google.......... and as much as I begged to differ......I had not posted one thing since the beginning of the month! I really losing my memory, getting too old?  Has it been three weeks, and I have had nothing remotely interesting to share?

Well, actually.............there has not been a whole lot to share.

Have done a little baking and trying out some new recipes that I've found either on face book or on the Internet.    Made a really good ham and potato bake, some awesome Blackened Shrimp Pasta, which I failed to get a picture of, but here's the Boston Cream Poke Cake, and the Baked Ziti with Sausage that was one of our favorites.   Delicious - but way too much for the two of us - so I fixed a big plate and took it next door for John and Diane.

Rich and I have been doing a lot of yard work, (actually Rich a whole lot more than me!) 😅   Travelled into Sebring a week ago, dinner at Hibachi, and then a stop at Home Depot, where Rich managed to get ELEVEN 2X8X8ft treated boards into our Toyota Camry!  And I had to squeeze in the back seat for the ride home!  

So he is on his way to replacing most all the boards down on the boathouse.  And I've been cleaning up the mess in the garage where he's been doing all the sawing!  Looking so much better already - but then it will need painting!

Tomorrow we will head back to Sebring to pick up nine 2x8x8ft, and two 2x8x10ft pieces of lumber - and once again, I'll enjoy the ride home in the back seat!

Both of us have, for the last couple of weeks been trying to get the yard cleaned up.  Rich has done 99.9% of the power washing, completing the driveway, and concrete pad in the back yard, as well as the back deck, which is now reading for painting.  I've spent a lot of time pulling weeks, and cleaning up the flower beds around the house.  We've got the old wood from the dock ready to go out front for the garbage pick up Friday, and on Monday this week we had 9 new azalea plants delivered, which need to be planted!

Back in October - at our monthly get together with friends the Showalters, and the Douglas's.....we made plans to get together again this year for Thanksgiving.  Originally it was planned for Friday or Saturday, assuming family get togethers on Thursday...........but last weekend we realized none of us had plans for Thanksgiving we're doing a late afternoon dinner here at our place.  Everyone sharing in the food preparation.   And - we're hoping that Nate and Krystal bring Miss Ava - so we can get our "dog fix"!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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