Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving with good friends........and MORE work!

Again this year, we made plans to share Thanksgiving Dinner with our friends the Showalters and the Douglas'.  At our October dinner in Sebring, we started making plans, but were not quite sure what day we would celebrate!  Family always comes first .....but this year Buddy and Diane were doing Thanksgiving on Wednesday in Orlando, and Nathan and Krystal were doing their family get together on Sunday......so this year we would do Thanksgiving Day.  Once again we opted to do it at our place.

Everyone arrived around 3:00, and dinner was ready just before 5:00.  Buddy brought a homemade coconut cream pie, and Nathan and Krystal brought some mixed veggies for the meal, and two bottles of wine.  But Krystal decided to have a small glass of Rum Chada........and a second one with a shot of Cinnamon Whiskey!  For the rest of us it was beer or wine or water!!!

Dinner was perfect!  Turkey, Ham, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed veggies, bread and rolls, and cranberry sauce, with Buddy coconut and Rich's pumpkin pies for dessert. Before leaving, we made our plans to get together in December and January.  Nathan and Krystal are doing a cruise in December -so we'll be watching Miss Ava........and Buddy and Diane want to come to Golden Corral.   January is at Nathan and Krystal's for Pizza on the Grill and target practise. 

Since Thursday it's been work, work, work!!!   I'm not sure which one of us moans the loudest!  The back and leg muscles are in panic mode!  (Although, Rich is considering a chiropractor)  A few days ago, while Rich was cutting lumber in the garage, he had a little visitor.  This turtle had made his way up the driveway, and was ready to enter the garage!

On  Sunday, Rich took a break from working on the dock, to help me plant the nine new azalea bushes, re stack the border stone and pour the lava rock.  Real pleased with how it turned out!   Rich has made a lot of progress on the dock/boathouse, but when taking out the board on the "land side" of the dock, he found the support boards attached to the seawall were all rotted.  He could literally pull them off the wall by hand.  Amazing that it had not given way a long time ago.  So that is on temporary hold until we make another trip to Home Depot.  In the meanwhile, we had a little sinkhole next to the dock, where the sprinkler had previously broken - so he dug that up and filled it with two bags of top soil to level it out.   And today I started the painting of the back deck.  That's a lot of fun trying to paint the front side through the trees!!!

Tomorrow is grocery shopping.........and I'm way behind on Xmas shopping, and have not even started any Xmas decorating!  Time flies when you're having fun?

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