Friday, April 14, 2017

Work, Work Work!!!!

Well, it's still April, so the birthday's are not yet over......  Today we send our best wishes to our sister-in-law, Diane Burger Donald!  I'm sure she's off to the casino to hoping she hits the jackpot!!!

The weather, has actually been quite nice these past few days, with a nice breeze and the humidity down.   That time of year for the Caladiums to bloom...........and they're lookin' good.  I really should get some more!!!  We continue to watch the Blue Heron in their nest........and Rich thinks the eggs have we'll be watching for the babies!  In the meantime we did get a picture of the one in the nest and the other taking flight - probably for food!!

Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but in addition to Rich digging another hole in the backyard to fix a broken sprinkler, we had to order a whole new timer for the system.  That arrived on Wednesday and Rich has it all installed.  We'll know tomorrow morning if the time is set correctly or not!  

And today we worked hard in the back yard trimming the large tree down by the boathouse.  The tree is not the best, with the trunks spitting in places, so we needed to take some of the weight off the limbs, as well as clear the low hanging ones near the roof of the boathouse.  Thank goodness for the breeze today!!!!  We cut and bundled and carried all the bundles out front ( they will pick up on Tuesday) Phew!!!  Hard work......especially when we both have bad backs!!!

Left overs (pork chops) for dinner tonight, watched a movie and a couple of our favorite programs.............and going to call it an early night!   Tomorrow Rich starts his restricted diet, and Sunday is liquids preparation for his Monday morning colonoscopy!

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