Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Been kind of quiet........

Not a whole lot going on the past week or so.  A little work in the yard. Fertilized the azalea plants and the palm trees.  Hate the new garbage pick up (only once/week) and having to sort out the recyclables!  AND the thing in the garage that turns the sprinkler system on, broke!  Seems that Rich encounters one thing or the other every year about this time with the sprinklers.  This year it's inside, and not just the sprinkler heads or broken lines!   Thinks he might have it fixed..... If not we'll need to replace the box before we leave in May.

Tom and Mike packed up and headed back to Illinois on Sunday, and our newest neighbors Jim and Patti arrived the same day, but only staying for 3 or 4 days.  Plans for dinner with them again before we leave in May.....

OH!  Our yearly visitors - the Western King Birds are back, and nesting out back.  AND driving us crazy pounding on the slider windows every day!

Last night we met up with Buddy and Dianne, and Nathan and Krystal.  This was the first time we've seen Krystal since her operation back in January.  She's been through a pretty long recovery time, and still can't be up more than maybe half thd before she has to lie down; the neck is still painful.  And Nathan - what a guy!  He's taking care of the horses, working full time, and is still the chief cook and bottle washer........  But we enjoyed the evening with the four of them, and have planned at least one more time before the end of May.

For the past month or so I've been having a lot of pain in my left foot, near the back/inner side of the heel.  Visited Dr. Feldman in Sebring today (same doctor that operated on Rich's foot a few years back).  Xray showed a heel spur.

The spur is on the upper portion of my heel, but he said that the growth itself may not be the cause of the pain, but rather the tissue will build up calluses to help cushion the spur, which eventually can cause wear and tear on the joints, and the spur compresses the tendons, nerves and/or ligaments which can cause tearing, pain and or swelling.  The tenderness and pain at the back of my heel worsens when I push off the ball of my foot.    He gave me a shot of cortisone, as close as he could to the affected area.  Could not get directly to it, because of the proximity to the Achilles tendon.  Also put me on some antibiotics, told me to try not to wear my "flip flops" all day, use heating pad in morning and ice if bothers me during the day and aleve if absolutely needed.  See him again in a month.    

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