Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day... It was just the two of us celebrating today.  But we were up just after 7:30 am, poured our first cup of morning coffee, and checked out the stockings and gifts that Santa left behind.

We agreed that it would be no big gifts this year, but we laughed as we opened gifts that we tried hard to disguise, so the other person could not guess what they were.  You know - like the toothbrushes, candy, and liquor bottles?  Yes I did get Rumchata, and wine this year, but I also got a very nice meat platter, and new wallet. Santa brought Rich some new long outdoor gloves that go to his elbows....two wall hangings for his office ( welcome to the lake, and I'd rather be fishing in the shape of boat oars... and of course his chocolate.   And then it was breakfast time - which for Rich was the remainder of pie #2!

Heard from some of the family.  Rich talked to his brother Bob, Chauna messaged us, and Dennis called late morning.  And he sent us a picture of the Shadow and Venus enjoying Christmas morning.  The little yard decoration in the front of the three puppies was one of the gifts that we sent them.

Today was a beautiful day!  We had the sliders open, and the front door open until well after dark.  And during the day one of the resident Blue Heron wandered on through the yard.

Christmas Dinner was nothing special  We enjoyed a small ham, au gratin potatoes and green bean casserole.

And before we knew it - we had watched a couple of movies and the day was over.   Merry Christmas!   And now we prepare for the new year!

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