Thursday, January 4, 2018

And a Happy New Year....

The week between Christmas and New Year's was beautiful.  While the rest of the country was seeing freezing temperatures we were enjoying cooler but comfortable temperatures and sunny days. 

We've been watching the Blue Heron.  Actually there are three of them working very very hard at building their nests in the Pine trees. Amazing to watch them carry those large branches and place them so precisely.We think this is one of the young ones hatched last year.

But while the weather was nice ----- there was still work to be done, some of which was planned, and one that unexpected.  It took THREE trips to Home Depot before we finally had two with all the parts!!!  One was packaged wrong and was actually Bronze instead of White.... (1st exchange) and then returned that one because all the pieces were not in the package.   But.... Rich was finally able to complete the installation, and they look great and work perfectly!

And - as you can see above....some repair work was necessary.  A couple of trips to the Marina for parts, and then fixing some problems with the gas getting to the motor,  But everything is running fine.  A little carpet repair and some warmer weather and we'll be ready to get out on the lake.

In the meantime - we had a leaky pipe in the bathroom.  A trip to the hardware store and some heat to dry things out and we're back in business!

So glad that the steroid shot is working..........Rich's back is still good - no pain!

New Years Eve and New Years Day was very quiet.  No champagne at midnight or wild parties.  We did enjoy a few adult well as a delicious dinner - Cajun Chicken Pasta with Garlic Bread!   

For New Year's Day - we took a break from cooking and baking and went to Golden Corral for dinner.  The steak was exceptionally good and tender.. and we both had seconds on the shrimp skewers!  And FINALLY I got to enjoy a piece of pecan pie!!

It's been clearing out left-overs in the refrigerator.... Used some of the Ham from Christmas to make Ham/Mac n Cheese casserole ( 1/2 is still in the freezer!).  Finished off the Shepherds Pie, and the Chicken Chili, and the last of the ham is going in the Cream of Potato Soup, which is what we had for dinner tonight, along with awesome Monte Cristo sandwiches!

Good news from our son Dennis.  He's scheduled for a week long conference in Orlando in February, and is staying for a few extra days afterwards.  Excited, because he will be here for Rich's birthday!  We'll pick him up in Orlando, spend the night in Kissimmee and go to Capones..  Spend the next day at home and then his Dad and sister Kim are coming here to pick him up.  He'll spend a couple of days with them before he flies back home.  Excited about spending time with him!

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