Sunday, March 11, 2018

February Celebrations are over..... things are slowing down

Well  all the family celebrations of February have ended.  It sure was a busy, busy, but fun month.  We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Earlier in February I went for my first CT- Scan.  Lasted about 15 minutes, and painless.........  That was a while ago - so I'm assuming that all looked good.  They told me they would let me know if the doctor wanted/needed to see me before my next scheduled appointment later in March.  Have not heard from them - so assuming that's good news.

But just as we thought the frequent doctor visits had slowed down, Rich acquired a huge boil on the middle of his back.  Went to our Primary Care physician and was put on a high dosage (875 mg) of Antibiotics, and a daily dose of Pro-Biotic.  Looking better, but needs to be surgically removed - so  off  to the Dermatologist  later this week!    Hard to see with his black shirt on.... but they lanced the abscess to make it drain, and so he came home with a huge pressure bandage on his back,  Not very easy to sit..... or sleep that night!   Follow up visit was good - and he has set up an appointment to have the core removed on this one and a previous one that's healed.....that will be the first part of June.

On Saturday our friends from South Carolina, Cliff and Carlene Freeman (Carlene and Cliff went to high school together) visited us for the day. They brought Buster with them, so we also got our "dog fix"!! Arrived about 1:00 o'clock.

Carlene and I both enjoy experimenting with new this time I found a recipe for a Pineapple Orange Cream-sickle Mimosa. (Moscato, Pineapple Juice, and Orange Sherbet).  Excellent - we made, and finished, a pitcher full and enjoyed some sausage and cheese a crackers.

Dinner was linguine with meatballs, Cesar salad and garlic bread, and they brought with them 2 Carvel Ice Cream Cakes for dessert!  We only see them once a year, so we had a lot to catch up on...........and just talked forever.  It was after 7:00 pm when they headed back to Wauchula.   We're heading through S. Carolina in June ---- never know, we may surprise them with a visit!

A short bout of cooler weather is back this week, with daily  highs back in the 70's! Love it when we can have the doors and windows open!  And we even got the bicycles out again to do a little riding around the neighborhood. 

 And along with the cooler weather, came a big pot of home made potato soup to take off the chill!
And we finished the last of it on Saturday.

Finally got out and bought some new picture frames for the grand-kids pictures.  We brought the bigger ones back with us this past summer when we visited the family in Iowa.  So proud of these two.

And today shot a few pictures of our Blue Heron down on the dock.

Time change today..........time to Spring Ahead.......... 

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