Friday, September 28, 2018

Not too much going on.........

Been a few weeks or better since my last post.  That's a pretty good indication that nothing earth shattering, or even a bit exciting has been going on.   A few more doctor visits.........  A follow-up with my Primary Care.  Need to lose some weight and change my diet as I was up 10 lbs from last visit, my sugar level was up as was my sodium.   I should get started on that pretty soon!!!!  Rich had his colonoscopy for the third year in a row..........but all was good this time and he is delighted that he does not have to go back for THREE  years.  In the meantime he went and got his Pneumonia Shot yesterday and his are is very sore and very very HOT!  Same as last year - but will not have to get any more.

Working in the yard has taken a back seat, mainly because it's been so very HOT.  Although - Rich has sprayed for weeds, put miracle grow on the Azalea's and Pineapple plants and cut/cleaned up the Aloe Plant!  But while helping Rich with the sprinkler (meaning I turn the sprinklers on and off) I pull a muscle or a tendon in my right calf.....Worse than the pain I was having in the right thigh a week or so before!!  Wrapped for about a week - and while still sore to touch - I can at least walk almost normal.

It has been so quiet around here lately - Jim and Patty haven't been back in a couple of weeks, and John - now home from the hospital and Diane have gone to their home in North Carolina for a couple of weeks, so we've been keeping an eye on things there and picking up the newspaper each morning.  It's been so hot that even the birds and ducks have not been around........Well we did have an Anhinga drying his wings down on the dock - but he put the wings down before I could grab the camera........... Love to watch them.  Know as the "snake bird" for the way they move and curve their neck......

We've been making plans to upgrade the guest bathroom..........looking a new tubs and tile and enclosures, and toilets and sinks an how we want to build the new vanity and tile etc.  Got our list of ideas and we're just about ready to have a few come in with estimates.  Rich would prefer to do it himself - but the back and the legs are telling's not a good idea.

Oh - and a few family photos to share.   Our newest photo of our  beautiful granddaughter Chauna (bottom).  Now a sophomore at University of Iowa.  And the two pictures at the top are our handsome grandson, Dalton with his new girlfriend Briana. They both attend University of Iowa.

With both of the kids in college - Dennis and Crystal have added a new family member.   That is Zoey on the right.........recently adopted and showing us her favorite pose!  And on the left is my brother Dave with his faithful companion Jake on one of their hiking adventures in NY State.  Beautiful scenery!

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