Sunday, September 9, 2018

Yard Work, Baking, Doctors and Dinner with Friends.

 Over the weekend Rich and I managed to get a little bit more done in the yard.  We worked together on the back corner, down near the water as that had gotten very overgrown.  I trimmed the Indian Hawthorn around the deck, while Rich cleaned up the big elephant leaf  plant, and then Rich trimmed the bushes and I did the clean up.   All the bending over and we were both a bit sore.  My legs were hurting so bad that I could not even lift my leg to put on a pair of shorts!!  Hurt just to walk.  But we got everything cut and bagged and ready for pick-up on Tuesday.

I had gone for blood work over the weekend, and went for a follow up visit to my Primary Physician on Tuesday.  Perfect timing........ She checked out the leg  ( primarily the right thigh area.........) to see my range of motion, and then checked to make sure it wasn't a nerve issue.........and determined it was muscle.  So I had to pick up a prescription strength ibuprofen, along with a prescription muscle relaxant, to take for three or four days........... It seemed to be working quite well - but the muscle relaxant also makes me very drowsy!

Felling better, supposed to be taking it easy, so made Rich a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies on Thursday while he went into Sebring for a visit with his cardiologist.

The muscle relaxer, while the leg was improving, I was more and more tired, and spent much of each day just sleeping.  Unfortunately, once I finished the medication, the muscle pain in the thigh has returned........

Neighbors, Jim and Patty were back in Lake Placid and stopped by Saturday morning to visit and share some pictures from their stay in Islamorada, in the Keys. DeepSea fishing a couple of times while there.    Just might check that out!!

Anyway...... got a message in Facebook from John and Carla Foard, pickleball friends from down in Venice area, that we have not seen in years.  They were visiting TT Peace River in Wauchula for the weekend and wanted to make plans to get together. So on Saturday, Nathan and Buddy and Dianne, and Rich and I met up with John and Carla at..........where else?  Yes, Hibachi.  It was their first time eating here, and they really enjoyed it.  Nice time visiting with them.

We left the house a little early,before dinner with friends for a Walmart Stop.  Picked up fertilizer, fungicide  for bushes, and Epsom salt for the palms. Coffee pot stopped working, and the landline was going,  so we picked up a Mr. Coffee, and a new landline phone.

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