Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Quiet Thanksgiving...........

Well - since my last post there has not been a whole lot going on..... just a lot more of the same ol', same ol' ........... And we are so hoping that it all gets resolved soon.  I'm losing track of time.........but I think  it's been close to 6 weeks since Rich injured his arm.  Most of the cuts and bruises have healed, and except for one area near the wrist, most of the swelling is down.  But....... he's had a MRI, about a week and a half ago, and we have been trying to find a surgeon who can remove the "foreign object" from under the skin.......and until that is done the wound will continue to drain.  No hand/wrist specialist in the area (that is covered by our insurance!), so we are in the process of scheduling a visit to   Orlando Hand Surgery!!!!  We'll see how long it takes!

So not getting a lot done.........and we are so ready to GO SOMEPLACE!!  ANYPLACE!!! Have not even seen friends in what seems like forever..... but we have plans to meet up at the Outback Steakhouse next weekend!

So what do you do when you're stuck at home??  Cook and Bake, of course!  And so - Rich said " lets fix a prime rib!"!!  OK - but neither of us had every done we got a 2 bone Rib Roast ( $45!!!!!),  and the appropriate seasonings!  We roasted some asparagus, a baked potato (sweet potato for me)
and it was absolutely delicious!

We were blessed with a couple of "cooler" days, so Rich suggested Chicken Chili and cornbread.......... Had enough for left overs for a second meal.  I prefer the regular chili, but this is definitely his favorite.

Thanksgiving always calls for Rich's Mom's Pumpkin Pie!  And so on Tuesday we did the baking!  And, of course we enjoyed a piece with whip cream for dessert that night.😋

Thanksgiving Day was a quiet one.  We are so used to fixing dinner for family or friends, and yet this year, I just could not find the energy to entertain anyone ...........  But we did fix the Turkey, and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, biscuits, green bean casserole and cranberries!   And yesterday we enjoyed hot turkey sandwiches for dinner!

The highlight of the day was the phone call from Dennis and the family!

Today - Sunday, we harvested the last pineapple from the backyard for the year.  It was definitely ready, golden yellow in color, juicy and perfectly sweet!

Tomorrow I need to continue and try to finish my on-line Christmas shopping! Will be back on the phone with the Doctor's, I'm sure!

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