Sunday, November 4, 2018

And it's Already November?

Well, the only thing really exciting about the last two weeks is that a little bit of Fall weather has arrived, the humidity is down, and all of our favorite programs are back on TV! 

Unfortunately after Rich's accident with the Oak Tree - the swelling continued in the forearm and the fingers and so we made an appointment with the doctor.
X-ray showed no fracture....and he started antibiotics..... The following, Monday the wound was still draining and swollen, so it was another trip to the doctor, another X-ray, and stronger antibiotics.  Doctor also took a culture. When the results came back, X-ray was good, but the results of the culture require him to throw out the 2 antibiotics he was taking, and begin a 10 day supply of 500 milligram antibiotics!  He still has a week left.............but finally starting to see an improvement.   The swelling is not as bad, it continues to drain..........  The WHIP CREAM CAKE  brought on a smile!!

In the meantime we've both had appointments with the Cardiologist!  I completed by two day stress test, and Rich had the first of two ultrasounds.

Absolutely nothing else going on......... Neighbors Phil and Doreen are on a 10 day visit to Jerusalem, but we did visit for a little bit with neighbors Jim and Patty who came up to fish for 4 or 5 days!  And not even ONE trick or treater on Halloween!

And our new T-Shirts arrived...  Fund raiser at the King's Harvest Pet Rescue, where Dennis and Krystal and our grand-daughter volunteer!

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