Monday, February 4, 2019

Arts and Crafts Country Fair - DeVane Park

Well it was a pretty good weekend.  The weather was a little warmer with lots of sunshine, and it went by pretty quickly. Neighbors, Jim and Patty were in town for a few days, and stopped by with freshly picked grapefruit and oranges.  A little housework, laundry,  sprayed the yard for weeds, visited the country fair... watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!!!    got our timeshare rented for our week in May, did a little cooking and baking............

Made some oven baked barbecue home-style ribs, and Rich peeled and cut up potatoes for home fries. A cold beer and a glass of wine.... and dinner was complete.  Saturday afternoon I made a Cherry Pie ( well, it was a Mrs. Smith's) add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it was delicious!! 

Saturday and Sunday was the Lake Placid Arts and Crafts Country Fair right here in town at DeVane Park.  Sounded like a good idea - they always have a booth set up for Rich to have his funnel  cake! 

It was a beautiful day so we wandered around.  Lots of stuff to see from multiple food vendors, ( love the one with all the candy and fudge!) handmade gifts for pets, fresh vegetables, beautiful crafts,  wine, the outdoor water fountains and furniture.  We stopped for a burger, and then went looking for the funnel cakes......only to find they did not make it to the fair this Rich was quite disappointed!

Always enjoy seeing the animals.  Humane Society was there with the dogs and cats up for adoption...... and then we went on to see the snakes, and turtles as so on....

They had a very good country band playing, so we sat and listened while we had our lunch.  That's were we ran into our neighbors Phil and Dorene.......and Rich snapped a picture of me and Phil, as Dorene went off to get them a barbecue!.  And shortly after that we made our way to the Clowns tent where we  met up with friends Bob and Lavern ( aka Silly Willy and Fluffy) and got some pictures with them and a few of the other clowns.

Birthdays and a little travel coming up in a couple of weeks and we anxiously await the visit from our son Dennis.   We hope to be able to meet up with some of my family who are in Florida for a month or so - over near Hudson, and then we'll start planning our trip north.  And it's about time for us to get together for dinner again with the Showalters and the Douglas'.

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