Sunday, December 13, 2020

November was just a VERY LONG month.....

 And then it was Thanks Giving Day!   This is a day that is usually quite festive.  For the past several years our good friends, Nathan & Krystal (the Showalters) and Buddy & Dianne (the Douglas') have joined us, here at home, for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Buddy always brings his homemade Coconut Cream Pie,  and Sweet Potatos, and Nathan always brings the "adult beverages" and usually a vegetable to share.  It's always a BIG deal, because Dianne can't eat Ham, and Krystal can't eat the desserts! ( Rich also has his pumpkin pies)  So, as a rule we bake both a Ham & a Turkey along with all the regulars.... mashed potato/gravy, green bean casserole, biscuits, cranberry sauce.... and I always make sure I have made some Peanut Butter Cups ( fat free cool whip/peanut butter) in the freezer, so that Krystal has dessert!

This year, with the Chinese Virus it was just Rich and I.  Just a small Turkey ( that was absolutely terrible!!!!!) mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes for me, green bean casserole.. and cheddar biscuits  . It was over quickly...........and then there was the mess in the Kitchen to clean up!

We decided this year not to put up the big tree in the living room.  I spent most of the day,  Thanksgiving , getting a little Christmas Spirit.  A small table top tree in the family room. my favorite Sleigh, with Reindeer filled with candy.  A few splashes of color on the small mantel, the dining room and kitchen tables, and a few decorations on the front entryway. 

I have to admit that we have been getting some very nice weather lately.  The high humidity is gone, and we are getting some nice days anywhere from the 50's to the mid 70's ( colder at night).  I am just loving it.  Winter is definitely MY favorite time of the year hear in Florida..........Rich?.... well he dresses in several layers once it gets beloow 80!  But it's so nice to have the sliders open during the day, and watch the birds in the back yard. 

I have completed all of my shopping for Christmas.  Package has been mailed to the family in Iowa.  And gifts for brother Dave, and Rich's Brother Bob& Diane.......are scheduled for delivery.  All of my Christmas Cards have been written and mailed.  And this year we have cut back on the gifts and stocking stuffers.  I have received MY gift........I asked for a Treadmill, and it arrived a week or so ago.  Kind of hard to hide it from me..... so Rich finished the assembly about a week ago.  And I am very very much enjoying it!  Already dropped 4 lbs!!!


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