Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Seems like I've only been updating this Blog about once a month.  This China Virus is just playing havoc on my being able to do much of anything......................except seeing the doctor or going to the grocery store!  And in the past 2 or 3 weeks we've not even been able to watch our favorite TV programs!  Not sure exactly why...........but Direct TV no longer airs anything on Channel 10.  And, since we always record our programs to watch later.......never paid much attention, that 99% of what we watch is on Channel 10.

So a couple of weeks ago, while doing some heavy lifting, I did "something" to my upper back.  Was pretty sore/painful, like a rock sitting between my shoulder blades, or like pins and needles, and it moved into my left shoulder/arm.  Saw my doctor who said it was nothing real serious, just very very inflamed.  She gave me two steroid shots , a prescription for Naproxen, 500 mg 3 x day as needed and Methylprednisolone for 7 days.   I am still experiencing the paid, and will be starting physical therapy this coming Tuesday!

Moving on to Christmas Week We ordered in one night.........but we got in some good cooking and baking.  Rich made 3 more loaves of his homemade yeast risen bread. He made a batch of his Potato Candy, which is absolutely delicious. Our next-door neighbor loves he made some extra 
that we could share! We exchange gifts with three of our neighbors each year.  Nothing big.... usually candy or something home made.  

I fully expected, since he has never NOT made his pumpkin pies at Christmas Time that he would do the same this year.  But instead - he made cream puffs.  Normally he would top them with powdered sugar, but elected to make a chocolate topping!  We did order in one night, and I made stuffed pork chops, Baked Burritos, and Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles,  and Waffles with Strawberry topping and whip cream and Sausage! 

Christmas Day was quiet, but one of our neighbors dropped off a big dish of goodies, including pumkin cheesecake, and an assortment of homemade cookies!   This year we each got our presents a week or so early, as they were bigger items, ordered on line, and ones that needed putting together.  Rich got me a treadmill, which I love!!!!  And I got Rich a new Desk Chair and a Glass Matt for under the chair. He really likes the lumbar support on the chair.  And this is where he spends most every day on the stock market!  And we got new wood blinds for in the spare bedroom.  Christmas Day was fun. Rich joined me in the kitchen, while we made Lasagna for Dinner.  ( It was delicious!) We enjoyed one of our favorite "adult" beverages - Eggnog w/Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nippy. The forecast is for about 38 degrees in the morning, but getting up to about 55 degrees mid afternoon.  So in the morning I will get some ham and potato soup cooking in the crockpot!

And I'll close with this..............I saw this somewhere on Facebook a few days ago, and really liked it.

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