Sunday, October 18, 2009

Despite the Weather - We have Fun, Food and Officially "Pickle" our newbies!

Saturday morning started like most every other morning - warm and lots of sunshine. The maintenance crew was out moving the fence around the pickleball courts. We had a few discussions with Elnor - and she is starting to get a few things done to make the courts a little safer for play. Those of you who play here know that the area behind the courts gets wet and muddy and we are constantly tracking onto the courts - and it makes the courts pretty slippery. We have three more feet of concrete at each end of the court so we don't have to stand in the dirt to serve. Moving the fence a little closer will allow us to retrieve the balls without walking in the dirt. The lines that are on the courts now are, yellow or light orange and have been burned into the concrete, so that any stain we put down, the lines still show through. The color for the courts has been picked out, with the approval of several of the plaers. The concrete will be stained an orange/maple color that should cover all the current lines on the court and the lines will be painted a dark blue. Elnor is purchasing a push broom for us and mats for the entrance area so we can clean our shoes before we enter the courts. It's not perfect folks, but it will be a lot more safe for all of us, and that's what's really important.

Anyway - by mid afternoon on Saturday - the cold front started to arrive; the breeze was a little cooler, the temperatures were falling. John and Shelly had planned a happy for early Saturday evening. The food was great, as usual. I think all RV'ers, and especially Pickleball RV'ers are great cooks and great happy hour hosts!

This piture should give you some idea of temperature that evening. Actually Buddy arrived in his new USAPA T-shirt - but snuck away to dress more appropriately. The sausage meatballs he made were excellent - next time it's this cold he'll have to make them HOT sausage meatballs.

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Meet our newest players to the game. In the top left corner is George and Marti. A few days ago we were all out playing on the courts when George was out for his daily run. As he ran past the courts we called him over and told him he needed to come out and learn to play pickleball. He was there the next morning ready to learn. He immediately went to the store and bought two wooden paddles and four balls. (And will probably upgrade the paddles before he leaves!). He was immediately"hooked" and told Marti she had to come and learn this game. They return home on Sunday to Inverness, Fl where they will begin to work with the Parks and Recreation Dept to get pickleball started there. Another couple that we just met this year is Bill and Marie - (lower right corner). No - they are not picklball players, but she makes a great tomato salad, and I hear she gives some pretty good hair cuts too!

But the "couple extraordinare" for the evening were our friends Jack and Diane. Diane took off for Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday - (which was actually her birthday), so we waited to celebrate until she came back. In the meantime, we learned that Jack had also celebrated his birthday the first of October - so we celebrated both! There was just one piece of the beautifully decorated chocolate chip cookie left - and they had to twist his arm, but "you know who" took it home!


This morning - I headed out for my morning walk,(it was only 47 degrees!) and then we headed to the courts. We knew it was going to be cold this morning, so everyone decided we wouldn't start play until 9:00. Our new player George- had to head out this morning, but wanted to play "just one more time"!!

There's Jack partnering with Buddy!

Posted by PicasaJack and Diane had heard about being "pickled" (probably at Chesapeake Bay, VA) and had mentioned several times during the week that they "wanted to be pickled". John and Shelly had already been through the official ceremony, so we invited our four newest players, George, Buddy, Diane and Jack and performed our "official" Pickle Ceremony. Everyone pledged to support and promote the game wherever their travels took them - to be good sports, to have fun and to promote our pickleball happy hours!! Each player received their very own pickle pin - and Buddy already has his proudly displayed on his cap!
The rest of the day? Well, Rich had a USAPA Board meeting that started at 3:00 and didn't end until after 6:00!!! A quick dinner of barbequed chicken and he's off to shoot some pool. Me? I'm here updating our BLOG!!

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