Friday, October 9, 2009

We've arrived at Peace River

We are now spending two weeks at the Thousand Trails RV Park in Wauchula, Fl. Upon arrival we spent several hours washing down the 5th wheel that had been in storage all summer long. Not a fun time at all!! After several hours we parked on the last site in the G row.

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We haven't gotten completely set up - the rugs aren't down yet and the area needs a little raking and week pulling - but the site is huge with lots of room for happy hours!
It wasn't until after we had parked the 5th wheel that we took a look at the pickleball courts. When we last spoke with the manager here, we were told that picklball was the most poplar sport at the campground, and the one that got the most complaints. For that reason the courts were going to be repaired, made bigger, new posts/nets put in and made more safe for play ( painted and concrete poured where the grass/mud currently was. Not sure who they got to do the job, but it's worse now than it was before. A much larger muddy/grassy area since the fence was moved. Two feet of concrete was poured at each base line. It is rough and pitched nicely toward the courts, making it perfect for rain to puddle nicely on the courts. Apparantly the money was spent on Bocce Courts!

Any way, there are a few pickleball players in the park, and we did go down the last couple of mornings to play. The air is thick, the sun is hot - and since the courts are still facing in and east/west direction - the sun on one side of the court prevents you from seeing the ball. Pickleball players still find a way to have a good time.
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This is Buddy and Jack (His name is John - but everyone calls him John)
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Most of you reading this Blog know Travis Weaver!! Here he is will Shelly Zukas. Her husband John also plays, but was not at the court today.

Here is Diane and Rich. Diane is Jack's wife. Originally from New Jersey (she) and Pennsylvania (him), they are now full time RV'ers. They'll be here for three weeks, then up in Orlando for three weeks, then back here. Diane has a disease (can't remember the name) but it's a hardening of the lungs, which causes her to regularly have oxygen. She and her doctor are so surprised that since starting to play pickleball she has not needed the oxygen. I think we got a pickleball player for life here!! Seriously though, that is truly amazing.
I love this picture! No Rich (in his pickleball bug shirt) is Not the referee for this game, but laughs as I did when Travis went to hit an overhead shot, but instead the paddle flew out of his hand. Can't belive I just happened to snap the picture at the right time.
Best shot of the day!!

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