Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Peaceful Afternoon Stroll

Late this afternoon, Rich and I headed out for a walk on the nature trail along the banks of the Peace River.

Signs along the way direct you to the various trails around the park and tell you the distance for each trail.
As we entered the park there are two trails. One to the left........................
The other on the Right ..............Guess I better follow Rich!
Just a few minutes on the trail, and even though the sun was still shining bright, it began to shower. No thunder, no lightening - so we decided to wait under a nearby tree.Posted by Picasa

The rain only lasted a minute or we continued along the way.
Several markers, like this one appear along the paths. When you walk this trail in the early morning you often see the turkey vultures nestled above in the trees.
Yes - alligators and snakes are just part of the natural Florida habitat.
We continue on ........................Posted by Picasa

Always have to stop by this tree. Amazing. I'm sure several animals find there way here. The was one of our dog Beau's favorite places to visit. He always loved walking this trail.
One of the places along the trail where you can stop and enjoy nature at it's finest.
From the above resting area is where we often see Stumpy, the neighborhood alligator sunning herself on the log on the other side of the river. She was named Stumpy, because she is missing one foot. As hard as this may be to believe - there is now a Stumpette. Yes a smaller gator with the same foot missing. Everyone who walks this trail, does so in hopes of seeing one of them enjoying the afternoon sun.
Just another view of the Peace RiverPosted by Picasa

A month from now this pot on the River will be filled with campers wading in the water, panning for a trophy shark's tooth. A favorite spot all winter long.
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