Friday, February 24, 2012

2/23/12 - Celebrating 38 Years

On Thursday Rich and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary and that always means a date for dinner.    Sometimes it's our favorite place, and sometimes it's trying a new place that we've talked about.   And I'm sure we're not unlike many other couples who go through..... "Where would you like to go?  I don't care - where would you like?  It really doesn't matter to me - you decide.......

The Hotel Jacaranda was where Rich suggested we try.  For the past four or five years we've talked about going there - so to Avon Park we drove.

Built back in the 1920's, the Hotel Jacaranda is one of the oldest continuously operating hotels in the  County and is listed on the National Historic Register.  The lobby reflects the "true south" and pictures of many famous personalities grace the walls.  During the winter season a dinner buffet is served every evening with a different "main entree" each evening and their Grand Buffet on Sundays. 

Tonight pianist Jeff Klein entertained the dinner guest with a medley of favorite tunes.  The service, the food and the atmosphere was perfect.  We really enjoyed the evening.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! So glad it was a wonderful day for you!