Friday, February 24, 2012

A fun evening with the Carmens

You know how you see people every day and keep saying we've got to get together?  Well, I've been working with Patti and Jim here at the park since the beginning of November!  Oh, we've seen them at many a happy hour, stopped by their site a few times to chat when we'd see them sitting out and Patti and I sang our hearts out together at Karaoke on New Years Eve!  

Finally on Tuesday evening Jim and Patti joined us for dinner at our place.  Rich threw some pork chops on the grill, Patti brought along a fabulous dish of garlic/cheese mashed potatoes, we added a few veggies, a fruit salad and some crusty bread and it was perfect.   Jim and Rich opted for a beer, their regular beverage of choice.  Patti and I on the other hand opened a bottle of wine.  Joining me inside while I finished cooking, I mentioned the bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey that Rich had put in my stocking for Christmas.   What's  the harm in one shot over ice?   No harm at all!  We enjoyed a sip  and then finished our wine.  

It was a very pleasant evening just getting to sit and chat for a while and enjoy their company.   Hope we get to do this again sometime.  

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