Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're So Proud...

Below our son Dennis is recognized by a 3 Star General for saving a man's life who was having a heart attack on February 8th at the Rock Island Arsenal in IL.   While in the military, Dennis was stationed at Rock Island and since his retirement has continued in his position as a Criminal Investigator at the Department of Army Civilian .

In front of Senior Leaders, he received the Military Coin for Excellence.  Following the presentation he posted the following on his face-book page:

I'm sure glad this is an extended weekend being off tomorrow I'm not very public but it's been a roller-coaster week. I thank God that I was in the right place at right time on Wednesday morning to help save a mans life..... Please say a prayer of your choice for those that are sick, ill, injured & stressed to give them strength to full recovery! Stay Strong!

A few days later on February 13th, we celebrated our grandson's 14th Birthday.   We didn't get a birthday picture - so this is one taken a couple of month's ago.  ( We understand the hair is shorter now!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DALTON !!!  

  Dalton's choice for his birthday dinner was Jimmy Johns, and then off for family bowling.

Once again Dennis says it best......."‎14 years ago, along comes Dalton. Today & everyday, I couldn't be more proud of my Son & Love him so much!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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