Monday, July 16, 2012

The Drive Home............

We were up fairly early Sunday morning and decided we would drive straight through until we got home today. Figuring it would take somewhere between 9 and 10 hours, depending on how many times we stopped, we had the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, finished packing, filled the coffee cups and were on the road just before 10:00 am.

As I said before - I had my camera in the trunk of the car on the trip TO Louisiana, and I missed a lot of good photo opportunities.   Thought I would get the same on the way home , but for some reason I didn't find as many as I'd hoped.   And when I did - the camera I have left a lot to be desired.

First landmark - leaving Louisiana and entering Mississippi

These are a couple of pictures of the Pascagoula River .  This river  is located in southeastern Mississippi and is about 80 miles long.   These pictures were taken  in the area they call a "rich network of channels an bayous" - where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.  I read that it was #9 on the Most Endangered River List - but that was in 2009,

This first picture as we crossed the river shows a nice rain shower in the distance - some threatening clouds. 

That is NOT a water spout in the middle of the picture.... just the reflection from the window. 

Leaving Mississippi - we are now in Alabama. 

Always like to catch the skyline..........And here we are entering Mobile - near the  Bay.

Along the bay area here you can see Battlefield Park.... but before you get there you have to pass through the George Wallace Tunnel - which goes under the Mobile River, connecting downtown Mobile with Blakeley Island  and the elevated portions of I-10 that cross Mobile Bay.

As you pass along the elevated portions of I-10 across the Bay you get a glimpse of Battleship Park and the might USS Alabama Battleship. which had over 3 years of active duty during World War II.  The ship was returned to Alabama in the 60's and in 1969 opened to the public. 

 And then we were back in Florida heading for 75 South and home....

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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! I am in the middle of a blogfest myself so had to skim for now but will read all the details tomorrow. Miss you all!