Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nick and Tonyia come to visit........

Well, Nick and Tonyia finally got a weekend free - and we were looking forward to seeing both of them again.  This past winter, at Peace River, we spent a lot of time with them, got to know them better and were hoping that they would come and visit with us this summer.  We sure hope they enjoyed their time here - or should I say their time away from the RV Park for a while.

They had asked us to join them at the Tampa Bay Rays game this past week at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg - but with just returning from Louisiana, and with our son coming to visit with us - we just could not commit to being available.  BUT - I did watch that game on TV and I kept looking to see if I could find them in the seats along the first base line..............  But they sent us pictures to show us what we missed!!  That's Krystal and Tonyia with Tampa Bay Rays Mascott, Raymond!

Krystal....I know you're reading this - so you and Nate better be making plans to come visit with us REAL SOON.............   Be careful leaving that little girl Miss Ava ---------I heard she had great stay with Nick and Tonyia recently.  From what I hear - I'm surprised you got her back.  She was such a GOOD GIRL.

And so back to Nick and Tonyia's visit............ Even though we could not make the ball game, they came bearing gifts!  A Tampa Bay visor for me and an "official" baseball for Rich.   Thanks Guys!  We love them!

Tonyia and I left the guys early in the afternoon - heading for Seabreeze Rec Center for a game of BUNCO.......   Tonyia had never played before but enjoyed the new game..  We tried to get Nick to stay ONE MORE DAY so we could go back on Sunday - but I guess he's a busy busy man and had to get back to work!

Both of them were pretty amazed at the number of golf carts and the roads set up specifically for  golf cart use - that we had to take them for a ride.  Rich took Nick and had him holding on for dear life around the corners.......They were supposed to stop and get Tonyia a lemon filled  donut....... but ..........  Tonyia and I made the trip to CVS to pick up some dice for later that evening.....

And then we headed down to Lake Sumter Landing for dinner.  And was back to the Lighthouse Point Restaurant and dinner was on us - as a beleated Birthday gift to Tonyia.    As expected - dinner was excellent.  Rich and Nick and I all opted for the Haddock Platter, and Tonyia had the Moonraker Mahi Mahi.    

After dinner we walked the boardwalk along the Lake......

This is the SS Minnow...........cleverly done at the end of one of the scenic docks. 

Lots of fish and turtles to be seen along the walk.....probably all looking for food!

We stopped for a bit to take in the crowd listening to music at the town center.   

And like most people who don't live here we got caught up in the abundance  and variety of different golf carts.  More golf cart traffic than automobiles. 

Back at the Villa...........It was time for an adult beverage......Tonia and Rich had the frozen Dacquari, Nick - the Pina Coletta, and holding up my drink as I take the picture is my Marguarita!    Tonyia then introduced us to a new dice game.   It's been a long time since I've been able to get Rich at the table playing a GAME....but we  played six games - The guys were best two out of three in the first - and Tonyia and I pulled off the second best of three.   

In between games - we all went outside to view the light show........a little thunder and lots of ligntening.  Nick had his phone out taking a video - so he better send me some pictures!
The guys didn't want to get beat again - so they enjoyed the evening outside and Tonyia and I played about six more games.   Tonyia and I were trying our best to come up with good reasons for them to stay one more day....

 .... IT WAS NEARLY midnight when we finally called it a day.

And they took off right after lunch for the trip back to Wauchula.....

We really enjoyed their visit.........and hope they come back again before we leave.

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