Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Birthday Celebration!

 On Wednesday evening it was once again time for a happy hour and this time it was Keith and Marie who were the generous host. . Like most happy hours these days, the table was chocked full with outstanding dishes.  RV'ers are great cooks and enjoy festive occassions.   The circle of friends keeps getting bigger and bigger

But tonight's happy hour was also a Birthday celebration.  Not sure why - but those people  born in February always seem to get this special treatment.  It's been the tradition here at Peace River for about 5 years. 

And here are a few of of friends who showed up for the birthday festivities. 
Margie and Dean, Travis, Tonyia and Nick, Diane and Buddy, Hedy and Art, Tom, and Karen,  Donna and Barry, Carol and Lou, Russ and Nell.

And here are the five that were celebrating their birthdays today!
Marie, Joy, Rich, Marie and Diane

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