Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dinner at the Hotel Jacaranda - Avon Park

Last Friday Nick and Tonyia joined us for dinner at the historic Hotel Jacaranda in Avon Park, FL

According to

As a true example of living history, The Hotel Jacaranda is one of the oldest continuously operating hotels in Highlands County. When the Jac opened in 1926, it took its name from a 150-year-old jacaranda tree that had been removed to make way for the hotel. Among its first guests were members of the St. Louis Cardinals, who came to Avon Park for spring training from 1927 to 1929. Photos of its famous guests, from Babe Ruth to Hollywood celebrities George Burns and Gracie Allen, adorn its dining room. During World War II, the grand hotel played a hand in the war effort by housing hundreds of servicemen who had come to the area to train as military pilots.

Below are some pictures of the hotel as it looks today...

Nick and Tonya in the foyer......

Below is the four of us after  dinner.  The hotel features a buffet, Monday through Friday, with each day's menu different.  Being Friday it was the seafood buffet, but still provided some excellent fried chicken for those who don't do fish.  Excellent clam chowder,  salad bar and tons of desserts.  The music, a piano player, make the atmosphere just perfect.

Been a really long time since we've seen fire escapes like this on buildings.  

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