Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Woman's Wine and Wii

On Tuesday afternoon Boonie invited several of us ladies over for a fun day of wine, snack and Wii Fit.    Everyone brought a snack to share and Bonnie made the afternoon full of laughter....   I have never done Wii Fit before, but didn't do too bad  being a penguin on an iceberg trying to catch fish.  Then it was the hoola-hoop - Loved it!   I think I had the second high score!  And you would thing that as a pickleball player  I could see a ball coming in my direction......but while I was not the worst - at soccer I managed to get hit by almost as many smelly sneakers as I did soccer balls!   Here are a few of the ladies enjoying the afternoon!

Pictured above : Bonnie getting the goodies ready, Tonyia (left) giving Hedy some pointers, ME, Bonne, helping Janet with the hoola-hoop, Rosa and Tonyia, hoola-hoop pros!

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