Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some More "FIRSTS

It's been a long week.......but things are starting to come together. Sometimes I wish we had never sold so much of our "stuff" when we sold our house last year. Some people would say getting new "stuff" is great.........but I'm not so sure.   The living room and patio are still bare.......but tomorrow I'm going to do some more shopping.

Last Thursday we went to a local restaurant for the FIRST time.  Al and Barb ( and I still don't have a picture of them!!) took us to Dock 633, which is located just across the lake from us.  A very casual "bar and grill" type place with daily specials, indoor and outdoor seating, TVs for the sports fans, weekly karaoke, and great food.   Rich had the fish fry and Al the Bacon Cheeseburger.  Barb and I had a bowl of the homemade loaded potato soup and shared a Chicken Wrap.  Great service, great prices!  We're going back on Wednesday for two for one Wings.

On Friday the boat was delivered.  Here are Nick and Rich bringing the new boat to our boathouse/dock for the FIRST time.   The boathouse was set up for a 20' pontoon - so adjustments need to be made to accommodate the 17' fishing boat.

Nick and Tonyia talked us into going out for dinner - so it was back to the Golden Corral.  We really like it there; but you can eat too much if you're not careful. Tonight I was very good; probably for the FIRST time.......enjoying my salad bar and veggies with a piece of baked chicken. 

Saturday was another trip to Sebring.  First stop was at the Precision Welding place where Rich dropped off a sketch of what he needed to have made for the boathouse.  Then it was off to shop for life jackets, anchor, horn, fishing line, fishing licenses and a little grocery shopping. 

Sunday we went out on the lake fishing for the FIRST time.    It takes us about 10 minutes to ride the canal from our dock to the lake.   Here are some pictures of the canal route and a few of the other houses/docks along the canal.    Top right is a great picture of another small canal/waterway that branches off of our canal. and bottom left shows where we go under the bridge (Catfish Creek Rd) to enter the main lake. 

And here are a couple of shots that give you an idea of the size of the lake ( this is just the south end of the lake).  It also extends east all the way  US 27.  

Here, we just passed under the bridge and this is the small private park for Placid Lake Residents that includes a boat launch. 

 A view from the south east corner of the lake.......

Rich fishing for the FIRST TIME!

A couple more views of the lake..........

Rich at the helm......

But it was I who caught the FIRST fish!  And don't you dare laugh at my FIRST.

And before we headed for home..........while not the most beautiful.... our FIRST sunset over Lake June in Winter...

When we got home we cooked on our new patio grill for the FIRST time.  I made a salad while Rich cooked the burgers. 

The boats today are so much different than what we had 35 years ago!  So we are still trying to figure out the GARMIN and the workings of the foot pedal for the trolling motor and all the other gadgets!  

And today I spent the day looking up Supplemental Insurance Plans since Rich will soon be the FIRST to join the Medicare family.

Krystal - I know you will be reading this...........We MUST make plans to get together.  We miss you guys!

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  1. I am just NOW catching up on reading the blog! Oh my goodness, I am way behind. I love the house and the boat. And yes, we MUST catch up. We miss both of you something awful.