Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The weekend..........

Onn Saturday, Nick needed some help from Rich picking up some wood from Home Depot down in Sebring.  They arrived that morning around 9am, and shortly after, the furniture for the family room was delivered.  The guys left for Sebring, and Tonyia and I headed for the grocery store.   She and I opened a bottle of Sangria and sat for most of the rest of the day playing Mexican Train.  It felt so nice just to sit and relax.  When the guys returned, Rich and bought a new gas grill for the backyard,  they got the sprinkler sytem up and running, hung out down by the deck, had a few beers and talked about buying a new boat and doing some fishing.   No cooking - we had Pizza delivered from Pizza Hut..........

On Sunday, our new neighbors across the stree ( Al and Barb) asked if we'd join them for dinner.

We visited with them for a short while, got to see their home on the canal and their boat.  They both love to fish too.  We had dinner at the Casa Tequila, a Mexican Restaurant about 1/2 mile from the house, right here in Placid Lakes.   After dinner they drove us all around the lake, showing us the short cuts to town, and the locations on the lake where we can put our boat in.    Very nice people - we enjoyed the evening.

Rich found some time (took some well deserved time!) to do a little fishing.  He just took his pole out back and fished the canal.   I finally cooked a real meal.........we had speghetti and sausage on Monday and I baked Chicken on Tuesday.

 Things are starting to come together.  It will take us some time to get everything the way we want in........but right now the most important thing is to find about an 18 foot pontoon to put in that boat house out back!

Today we took a ride up to the Placid Lakes Town Hall, where we paid our yearly dues for the Homeowners Association.  We got our welcome packet, a key to the Park where we can launch our boat and use the facilities, and learned about some of the activities they have going on at the Town Hall.   They have a big social club that does cruises, trips ( upcoming to the Dog Races), plans holiday parties and pot luck for the community.  Once the snow birds are back, bunco will begin, and they get about 30 - 35 people to play.  Tomorrow morning at 10, I am joining the group for line dancing. So it sounds like this had a little more going on that we had thought..........That's good news!

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