Sunday, October 13, 2013

The New Boat

Nick and Tonyia came back to visit this weekend. I put some rosemary seasoned red potatoes in the oven, made up a batch of deviled eggs, put the pot of water on to boil the corn and the guys cooked some boneless ribs on the grill.  Still don't have any patio furniture - so dinner was served inside.

We had been out on the Internet looking for a boat, and visited a few of the local boat dealers trying to decided if it would be a new or used boat, a pontoon or a fishing boat........So Many Decisions!

We had decided on a pontoon.  There was a 20ft for sale right here on Lake June so we drove over to check it out.  Nice boat.  The owner took all four of us for a ride  - a great ride - around the lake.  This was actually or first time on the water and we got to see just how very large this lake really is ( over 3600 acres).  Unfortunately ( or fortunately) taking the ride also caused us to change our minds.  We knew immediately that the pontoon was not what we wanted.  As nice as it would be to have one, and be able to take friends/guests out on the lake, it is not what want to use every day for fishing.......And fishing is why we moved here!

Nick found a boat out on Craig's List.  We called today to see the boat.........and we are now proud owners of this 2005 Fisher 170 Pro Hawk Fishing Boat, with a 90 hp  Mercury motor and complete with Garmin and foot pedal controlled trolling motor!  We should catch some great bass and crappie with this outfit!

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  1. Congratulations on your new home and boat!! Wow, you guy did things so fast. Loved your photos and news. Shirley