Thursday, November 7, 2013

More shopping.....

This past week has been pretty hectic.......for me anyway.  But Rich has been down with a really bad flu/cold; fever, cough, congestion, achy all over, no energy...... Like everyone else - he hates not being able to get up and around and get "stuff" done.  I managed to keep him down for the first two or three days, but once he started to feel a little better, he did a little more than he should having working on the boathouse and paid for it the next couple of days.   It hung on for well over a week, and just yesterday he was up and around for most of the day and feeling more like himself.

I on the other hand (after making sure he was comfortable and well fed!) have
been busy shopping.

 I found the perfect rug for the family room where we decided on the brown leather reclining couch and matching reclining console love seat.

 Unfortunately they are currently out of stock, so we have to wait until the middle of December for delivery!!!!

Oh well...........a nice Christmas Gift!!

We had been looking all over a patio set for outside.  Our lanai is very small so
the typical 42 in round or the nice rectangle table sets would not work.  We looked at several styles, including the aluminum, which we really liked, but we decided on the  PVC.  We had this style at our last house, and while it is very stylish, it is also very durable and will last forever!  We elected the putty color instead of white this time  with the modern back chairs and a driftwood color fabric.   Hopefully that will arrive  before Thanks Giving.

We also bought a Wagon Wheel Bench for our front porch.   The porch/entry way is very long and this should fit nicely.  It should be here sometime next week.

On Wednesday the living room furniture was delivered. 


As you can see the walls are bare, and the area rugs are not down - still lots of decorating to do.  But it's finally starting to look and feel like "home".  

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