Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekly Update on the House

This past week has been busy, but we still found time to spend with friends.   Still trying to get used to the new lake and where the best fishing holes are.....  and still shopping and decorating.

Last Thursday we had dinner with friends at the Country Club here in Placid Lakes.  Al and Barb had been there the week before, said it was very good and asked us to join them this week.  Each night is a different special and Thursday was Barbecued Ribs.

Rich would like to go back again on Wednesday for the Pasta Special.

On Friday we took a ride out on the lake again for some fishing.  The lake was just beautiful.  Actually it  was so calm that it looked almost like glass.......... Here a few pictures.

 It was a bit overcast and barely a breeze.........

Only the wake from the motor put a ripple on the surface. 

These next few pictures actually looked to me like an ice covered lake - where in some places the ice was melting.  ( Wow! - sounds like I'm back up north)

By the time we headed back. ( And I was the only one who caught a fish today!) the wind has started to come up and the lake looked a little more like normal as we headed back for the canal to the house. 

On Saturday Al invited Rich to go fishing with him.  Rich was up early, enough time to drink his coffee and wake up before heading out just before 8 am.   About  11:30 I headed out for Bunco at the Clubhouse, and Rich had still not returned.  About 25 people showed up for Bunco and brought finger foods to pass.  Some really good stuff!  And I met some new people in the neighborhood, which was nice.  Had a really good time, and even won back the $5 I spent to play.

When I got back Rich was home - they had only caught a few fish; not enough for dinner so they through them back.  But Rich was very impressed with how Al set up the poles/boat for catching Crappie or Shell Crackers - can't remember which and he says he can find his way back to some of the better fishing spots.

On Friday the new rug arrived for the Living Room.  What a disaster!
We ordered the rung on-line through Home Depot.  The picture on the left is what we were expecting.  A rich black with bright white accents.  The rug on the left is what we received.  Actually it looked MUCH worse than this.  The white fibers would mix with the black and make very ugly gray patches on the rug -  and the design was not even the same. We laid it out on Sunday morning, and packed it back up immediately!

On Monday it was a trip to Home Depot to return the rug.  We did find another one while we were there - but the size we needed was not in stock.  Should be here Next Monday.  We also  found the carpet we wanted installed in both the office and guest bedrooms.  From there it was off to Wal-Mart for new hooks, sinkers, leaders, jigs and fishing line for rigging up the poles for our next trip out on the lake.

Wednesday was back to Sebring for a my check up with the Medical Oncologist, a little shopping and a final trip to the grocery store for some last minute items for Thanksgiving Dinner.  

I had picked up some wall decor for the family room - so we hung that....  It really looks much better than the picture........

The Wagon Wheel Rocker arrived for the front porch and the patio furniture for the back patio.  It's starting to feel like home.

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  1. Everything looks great from what I can see! We are driving back to Florida tomorrow, so I'm hoping we can come see it in person very soon!