Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Backyard activity

Thursday found Rich feeling much better, but I still managed to keep him from jumping in to a lot of physical activity. Relaxing out on the lanai having morning coffee we noticed several duck sitting along the water's edge in the back yard.

As we continued to watch, more and more duck arrived and settled in between our yard and the neighbor's.  We tried to count them; there were somewhere between 50 and 60 ducks in the yard.  And they were there all day long!

Early in the afternoon, Nick sent an e-mail to see how the Sick Guy was doing and asked if he felt good enough that we could join them for dinner.  We met them for an early dinner at Dock 633, right here on the Lake June.  It was such a nice afternoon that we decided to sit outside.  We were not there long before our neighbors Al and Barb showed up and so we asked them to join us. So the six of us had a very enjoyable evening. 

Hopefully Rich and I can get back out fishing, now that he's feeling better.  Actually - We could just fish off the dock here in the canal if we wanted.  We generally would take the boat out to the lake, but they say the fishing is good right here................I guess it must be - this couple was trolling along slowly out back today!  Rich went down to say     How Ya Doin...... and see if they were Catch'n Any!

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