Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Christmas Loss

Today, December 26th, my oldest brother Jim passed away.  Jim was the first born of nine brothers and sisters.  He was born on my mother's 18th birthday.   Here he is with Mom and the rest of his siblings.    This was taken back in the late 70's.

Pictured:  Back row, left to right - brothers Mick, Chuck, David,k Bill.
Front row: left to right: Sisters Ronda and Sandy, Mom, Me and Brothers Jim and Don.   Of this group the only ones left are my baby brother David and I.

And here is Brother Jim and his family.  This was taken the summer of 2013.  Pictured: Jim, his wife Gloria and children Carol, Glory, Kathy, and son Tim with his wife, and 2 of Jim's grandchildren. 

Jim was 82 years old.  Love you Brother!

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  1. My heart just aches for you. It is a really hard thing to loved ones during the holidays.