Monday, December 16, 2013

A fun weekend

It all started Friday evening when Nate and Krystal stopped by long enough to drop off Miss Ava, as they headed on to Miami for a week long cruise.  What a great Xmas Present for the two of them!!   Meanwhile we get to enjoy the company of our favorite little girl for a while.  

She seems to be settling in and enjoying herself.  She likes the kitchen chair when I'm sitting there on the computer.....she can keep her eye on me AND see what's going on outside.   She likes running around in the big back yard, and she's claimed her seat out on the lanai.  In the evening she takes to her favorite  blanket either on the couch or the recliner - wherever she can be closest to the both of us.

She does NOT like to be left alone!  On Saturday she was alone for a couple of hours and when we returned every pillow on the sofa except one was on the floor in the living room.   She isn't going to like it on Monday evening when we have to leave again.  Dinner at 6:00, follow by the Placid Lakes HO Association members meeting from 7-9.  She's getting a little more acclimated, so I'm sure she'll be fine.  We'll leave her a treat, the light on and the music playing!

On Saturday morning Nick and Tonyia arrived about 8:00 am and brought us breakfast from McDonalds.  A cup of coffee and they loaded the boat and headed out to fish.  

Just before noon, Tonyia and I left for Lunch and Bunco at the Meeting House.  We had a great time.  ( Can't believe I did not take my camera!!!)  Great assortment of food and desserts and fun games.  We both came home winners, Tonyia with $20 and me with $10!  

In the meantime the guys had some pretty good luck on the water.  Nick would send Tonyia a text every time they caught a fish.  The ended up with 12 fish for the day( would have been 13 - but that Pike got away from Nick before he could get it in the boat!!)   Rich had them all cleaned and in the freezer by the time we got home. They brought home crappie, shell crackers and one big Bluegill.  

Nick got the trophy fish for the day - the only one deserving of a photo!  Here is is with a very nice large mouth bass!   

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