Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dinner with Nate and Krystal


This summer Nate and Krystal and Rich and I spent four months in The Villages.  Not a  week would go by without Krystal and I meeting up for one thing or the other at least four our five days out of every week.  And the four of us would get together for dinner at least once a week.

Rich and I left The Villages about a week early because we were in the process of buying the house and selling our RV.  By the time that Nate and Krystal got back to Peace River - we were already gone.  All of us have been busy and despite every effort we have not been able to get together.

But last night we drove to Sebring to meet up with them for dinner at Cody's Roadhouse Grill

Wednesday is two for one fajitas - And dinner was  delicious!  We sat and talked for quite a while after finishing our meal and then a little more time out in the parking lot!   It was so nice to see both of them again.   They are off on their cruise on Saturday - and we get to have Miss Ava stay with us for the week.    We look forward to having her with us, and look forward to spending more time with Nate and Krysal over the holidays!  

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