Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Work in the House

Little by little, we are starting to get more work done. Actually, I should say "Rich" is getting it done.  !

The office and the guest bedroom are coming along nicely -  We tore down all the shelves on the office wall, preferring to use our own office furniture to the formica type shelves that were used as a desk by the previous owners.  We ordered new carpet that was  finally installed this last week, deciding to go with the same color/style in both rooms, since you enter both from the same hallway. The old carpet was a very very lght color tan or beigel, little to no pile.    The new,  a darker brown low pile, that really looks nice.   We still have some decorating (walls, curtains etc.) We did get the office walls painted, but still want to make some changes to the wall that has all shelves.

Here are some before and "what's done so far" pictures.

So - while these two rooms are not yet finished, they are at least presentable.  We have friends from PA coming to visit in a couple of weeks, so I really wanted to get the guest bedroom ready for company!  

We're taking a brief detour to begin another big project and that is in the family room.  Removing the shelving in the bedroom was a bear - but this one is going to take a lot more work.   The one wall in the is all shelves, and or original intention was to remove them entirely and put in a fire place with the TV mounted above on the wall.  Unfortunately this was done BEFORE the ceramic tile was installed - so removing it was not longer an option.  So we are going to design our own TV Wall Unit.  The plan is to leave open shelving along the top and the left side.  Make a large opening/shelf for the TV, and the bottom will be wall with an electric fireplace insert.   

For now all you get to see is the before........and the mess we have so far!

This should look very nice when Rich is finished!  He does good work!  But then again - he's got a pretty good helper ( who does a great job cleaning up all the sawdust!)

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