Sunday, September 7, 2014

Decorating ...........and watching the US OPEN

This weekend we had NO plans to do anything.  We just knew we were not travelling anywhere.  Needed to get some work done around the house.    We were a little lazy though in the morning - coffee, and a late breakfast (toast and omelets).  

One of our major outside projects is to paint the boathouse and the back deck, so the first Rich got the tape measure out, to see how many square feet we had, so we'd know how much paint to buy.  Think the color will be a darker brown with beige color posts and supports.  With the yellow house that should like good......... We been talking about an awning for over the deck, and perhaps a short railing.  With that and the window awning painted the back of the house will look much better.  But the major project of the day was to reupholster the kitchen chairs.    

Those flowered cushions had to go!  When I went to visit my friend Linda last month I found the material that I wanted and was surprised to find that it was on sale.  When I got home and ordered it on-line from Jo Ann Fabrics I got an even better price.  I don't think I paid much over $5/yard!
So here is the BEFORE with Rich hard at work.  I did a great job supervising.........and making sure he didn't take too many breaks!

  And the finished product looks GREAT!  I love it.  The new wall hangings arrived a week or so ago, and the wine/clock collection really dressed up that corner nicely.    Not done yet - we still need to do something with the sliding doors ( cornice or verticals?) and get new cushions for the rockers, and a new end stand for between the rockers ( I think I  can get Rich to build that!)

While we were working, I recorded the US Open.  We were both a little disappointed when Kei Nishikori from Japan beat my favorite to take the title - Novak  Djokovic,    And then we were even more dissapointed when Roger Federer lost to Marin Cilic.  Roger had been playing so well, and with Djokovic out and Murry out, and Nadal not playing this year.............there was an opportunity for him to take one more title!  But on Monday we will be cheering for Nishikori.  Today?  American or not - neither of us will be rooting for Serena. ( I won't put here what we really call her!!! ) We are both fans of Caroline Wozniaki!  So GO CAROLINE!!

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