Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just the normal "at home" stuff.........

As you can tell from the infrequency of updating this blog -  living in a "house"  means that many things become routine - so what I had for dinner and with who kind of becomes repetitive.  When we were RV'ing it seemed that while we were not always travelling, we were always meeting new people and always having friendly "happy hours" at one site or another.    That part of RV'ing we really do miss.

Having said that, we are very happy here on the lake, and we have some wonderful neighbors and friends;  and we still have many of those that we met during our RV life and continue to stay in touch with.    As a matter of fact Nick and Tonyia were here again this weekend for dinner. ( I know - repetitive!!!)  But we had a great Pot Roast made in the crock pot with red potatoes, fresh veggies and fresh herbs.  It was delicious!   Tonyia and I had time to play a couple of games while we waited for dinner.............It was a very enjoyable day.

This past week has not been a real busy one.......... for me at least.  I LOVE to clean - so  I'm right on schedule with all the things that need to be done!  Rich still enjoys his time with the Stock Market  so he spends a good part of the day on that. BUT.......he still worked on his "honey do list" and was actually more productive than me!

In addition to pulling weeds, charging the boat battery, fertilizing the palm trees and cleaning the gutters......he painted my desk chair!!

This chair was part of an old kitchen set in the park model that Nick and Tonyia bought.  All it needed was a fresh coat of paint and a cushion for the seat. The green/tan colors go perfectly in the living room.

Last night I also got a break from cooking dinner.  Rich made his "home made pizza".  This is an old family recipe, and while it looks like pizza, it really has a taste all its' own.

This time he topped it with a little hot Italian sausage.  Baking time - 11-12 minutes!  From oven to table...............And we enjoyed it in the family room watching one of our favorite shows.

 Great Job Rich!!

Then!  What a sweetheart!  He knows that I always leave my camera near the back lanai, just in case we get a visit from a new bird, duck etc.....

During the summer we don't see a real lot in the back yard, and we miss them.  The other day we did have four or five of the white Ibis back, and the Blue Heron is back too.  But this morning, before I was even out of bed, Rich snapped this picture.   Not very pretty for a butterfly...............but it's actually a Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea Polyphemus

 It was on the screen and actually stayed there while Rich went outside to get a picture.  After reading a little bit about it - I understand why he/she so nicely opened it's wings.  They are nocturnal by nature, and opening and closing their wings and glaring with those eyes  is what they do when they are frightened.

 It was actually still on the screen when I awoke and I could not believe how BIG it was.  

Not a lot on the agenda for today.........but Rich did mention that we should probably go out for dinner tonight!  Country Club?  Mexican?

UPDATE:  We went to the Placid Lakes Country Club for dinner.  We both ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. Rich got the salad and I tried the home made potato soup.  The soup was excellent!  Good thing - because the pasta was just OK.  Wish they would stop changing their sauce.  Too much,  Too Thick.  I ate less than 1/2  and Rich took one of my meatballs.  On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it about a 5 tonight.

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