Monday, September 22, 2014

The Weekend - Rain and Hard Work!

The weather this weekend was not very cooperative!

Some of the lower limbs on the tree down near the boathouse were handing pretty low, almost on the roof, and others were dying.  The boathouse is scheduled for a power wash and then paint.   So, on Saturday  Rich and I trimmed the branches and then bagged or tied all the limbs for pick-up on Wednesday.   (Rich trimmed and tied!  I bagged!)   I also trimmed up the topiary in the front yard.  Rain in the afternoon pretty much cancelled anything else planned outside so I spent much of the day cleaning and re-arranging kitchen cupboards and drawers.  ( How do so many crumbs find their way to the silverware tray?)

On Sunday, Rich worked hard outside again.  He got caught in the rain a couple of times ( some pretty hard downpours!), so I'm not sure if the wet clothes were from rain or hard work!!   Last week he got all the lanai and all the walkways around the house cleaned and Sunday he worked very hard as he began the task of power-washing the house.  He completed the peak, the front and one side on Sunday, It looks like it just had a new coat of paint!  Beautiful.

We were standing in the garage during a "rain" break when a young man pulled up and asked if we wanted the large tree in the yard

trimmed.  It's actually our neighbor's  (John) tree, but some of the limbs hand over close to our roof.  We told him to talk with John, and if he wanted to have it done, we would split the cost with him.  So  - the tree trimming is done.  No more large branches over the house.  They are all nicely decorating our neighbor's front yard, waiting to be hauled away on Monday.  We still have tied limbs and three bags of weeds and limbs in the garage that will be taken away on Wednesday.
While the guys played in the rain...............I had on last cupboard in the kitchen to finish ( the spices) and then I set out making spaghetti sauce and meatballs for dinner.   The sauce cooked most of the day .....................and dinner was delicious.

We relaxed and watched a movie............and called it a weekend!

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