Monday, November 17, 2014

The Birds are coming back!!!

Sunday we tried our luck fishing for Bass off the dock.  It was an absolutely beautiful day; sun shining, a slight breeze and perfect temperature.  We still had some of those shiners left from yesterday, still nice and lively.  No.....we did not catch any bass at all, but Rich did hook on to a nice pickerel about 16 inches.

While sitting there fishing our neighbor next door was out planting his onions, and then the new neighbors across the canal came out to say Hi.  By the time everyone went back inside we had scheduled a cookout at our house for the the six of us next Saturday.  It will be nice getting to know the new neighbors; moved here from south Florida - Miami/Ft Lauderdale, I think.

And our favorite visitors are starting to arrive.  The birds and water fowl that make our backyard their home for the winter months.  For the first time since we've lived here the Sandhill Cranes made their way to our front yard,  The Whistling Ducks are back - not as many yet as last year, but they sometimes take over the back yard, or the roof of the boathouse.  Today they are lined up like a chorus line down near our windmill, along the water's edge.  And for the past couple of days this Anhinga has found his favorite place to dry his wings........sitting on the pole, on the dock, just behind the boat motor.  Love to see him stretch that neck and wings.

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  1. I love seeing the Sandhill Cranes and other birds. We don't have a whole lot at our place, but we have had Sandhill Cranes a few times.