Sunday, November 23, 2014

The past few days have been busy!

One of the best things about this past week has been the weather ( although - I doubt that Rich would agree)  Tuesday and Wednesday gave us overnight temps of the low 50"s and daily highs in the 60's.  What  a welcome change from the 90 degree days that seem to have lasted forever.  I love being able to just leave the window's and doors open and let the fresh air in.  Too bad it only stays that way for a few days.  By Friday and Saturday the sun was back and temps returned to the mid 80's during the day.

The cooler weather also means that the Bass are spawning, which means they have moved from the deeper waters of the lake to the canals.

Rich had a few shiners left and fished off the dock one afternoon and caught this 2 1/4 lb, 17/ 1/2 inch bass.

 Nice job Rich.

On Wednesday, our very good friends, Nick and Tonyia became homeowners.  They have sold their RV/Bus, and their park model at Lake Glenada  and now have a small home in Sebring, FL.  We're excited - it's not as far to drive when we want to visit!  They have a lot of work to do make this the home they really want..........but they are both ambitious and hard workers and we know it will feel like home before they know it.  We visited on Wednesday afternoon.  They were both pretty exhausted (buying a house, packing and moving can do that to you!) so I snapped a few pictures of their beautiful yard and we took off to Hibachi Grill for dinner.  That side yard is going to make one nice area for a campfire and cookout!  Congrats Nick and Tonyia.

The house across the canal from us now has new tenants, Phil and Doreen. (bottom right in photo below)  We've had a few conversations across the water, learning their names and that they moved here from Broward County in South Florida.  Their home is actually diagonal from ours, but is directly behind our neighbors, John and Diane.  So we decided it would be a good idea to do the neighborly thing............invite them over and get to know them a little better. We had originally planned Saturday - but that was changed to Sunday afternoon.  We invited them AND our neighbors John and Diane (bottom left in photo below).  They all arrived about 4:00 pm and we shared a beverage and some snacks before dinner.    Rich put the Chicken Ka-bobs on the grill, and as luck would have it - we ran out of propane!!!  Phil had an extra propane tank - already full and saved the day!!!

Dinner was excellent.  I had made a cabbage and pineapple salad along with the chick ka-bobs.  Diane shared a delicious potato salad and Doreen a broccoli cornbread to die for!   For dessert we had coconut cream pie ( from Publix) and I had made some pumpkin/white chocolate cookies and some peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies.    John  - never the one to sit for long - wanted to get back to work on making his trunks, so they left shortly after dessert.  We moved to the family room and sat and talked until nearly 8:00 pm with Phil and Doreen before we all called it a day. So glad that we asked them over.  A very very nice couple that we are glad to have as neighbors.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

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