Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!

To all our family and friends who follow our blog - We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As you can tell from what we share here on our blog, we are very very blessed.  We are fortunate enough and so thankful to have the very best family and friends in the whole world!!

This Thanksgiving was a quiet one. It was just me and Rich!   But we cooked and baked like we were entertaining many. 
It started on Wednesday evening, when Rich made his traditional pumpkin pies.  He always makes three and generally finishes the first one for breakfast on Thursday morning!  
You'll see pretty quickly that when there are not a lot of people around I forget about my camera. No pictures of the pies OR the Turkey!!!!!   Fear not - I DID get a picture of the pumpkin pie!!  

Believe it or not we still have this much left on Saturday morning!  

Dinner was excellent.  The turkey about fell apart taking it out of the roasting pan. A typical dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sausage stuffing, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce topped off with pumpkin pie with whipped cream!   Once again - no pictures of the turkey but Rich remembered to get one of his dinner plate!

Our friends Nick and Tonyia just moved into their new home this past week.  Knowing that they
would be working hard and not be ready to prepare a big meal we had invited them to our place, but with all the work to be done, they declined.  I had gone down and spent several hours a couple of days helping Tonyia, and knew she would not be preparing anything fancy for the two of them, so Rich and I told them not to worry - we would bring Thanksgiving Dinner to them.  And so we packed a bit of everything and delivered it along with a bottle of wine about 4:00 pm.  I'm sure it would have tasted better hot off the stove and fresh from the oven, but we hope they enjoyed their Thanksgiving Dinner. 

I tried calling my Brother Dave several times Thanksgiving Day - but I either got a message saying his voice messaging was not turned on...........or the phone rang and rang and no one answered.  While we had the windows and doors open and the sun was shining...............Dave was enjoying a REAL NY Thanksgiving Day!  This is a picture of his home in Kikrwood, NY - just outside of Binghamton.  A great country location; a beautiful picture perfect day!  

On Friday the Stock Market was open until early afternoon - so that's where Rich could be found.  A few errands to run ( No not shopping on Black Friday - never find me out there) and then he enjoyed the rest of the day (between the helpings of pumpkin pie and whipped cream!) fishing off the dock!  He caught a couple of real nice bass.  The first one was not quite long enough to keep.  The second went about 2 1/4 lbs!  Nice job Rich!  

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