Monday, September 14, 2015

Fun-Filled Day with Nathan and Krystal

Two of our very favorite people to spend time with...........and yet it is so seldom that we find, or take, the time to visit.  They've been to our home a couple of times, and we've met up in Sebring for lunch or dinner,  but this was our very first time to make the trip to Myakka City!

It was about a year and a half ago that these two started a "new" chapter in life. They purchased a new home and lots of acreage, to foster a "few"  of the rescue horses from a nearby sanctuary, where Krystal often volunteered.  Today they have SEVEN horses. Chevy, Savannah, Gypsy, Hanovi and the three ponies: Mia, Sophie and Bella.  Krystal is absolutely amazing with those horses....and they love her!

Our first view of the homestead:

We knew we were in the right place.  Recognized that 5th wheel parked in the yard...AND that Gypsy Trails sign on the fence.  As Rich opened the gate we could see the two of them on the porch, the horses grazing, and later we got a great view of the back pasture.

Krystal is also a very clever and creative lady. Their cottage style home is so bright, cheerful and inviting.  My favorite  was the kitchen area with the pastel table and chairs and her craft room.  And of course Miss Ava!  Miss that little girl.  But she'll be coming for a week or so in December to stay with us while Mom and Dad go on their 25th Anniversary Cruise!

Some of our favorite photos of the horses.

And we spent a couple of hours outside with Nathan and Krystal and some hands on time with Hanovi, who danced and weaved his way between the barrels, playfully flipped them, jumped the logs and ran gracefully alongside Krystal.  And he didn't hesitate to take his treat (carrots) very carefully from my hand.

And after playing outside, Nathan served a great dinner!  He prepared a homemade pizza, cooked to perfection on the grill.  Followed by key lime or fudge brownie cheesecake.  Delicious.   Here it is from Plate.

The day went by so quickly.  Before we knew it, it was nearly 7:00 pm and time to head back to Lake Placid.  Thanks Nathan and Krystal for a fun-filled day.

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  1. Thanks again for the visit! Made my week! :-) You got some great pictures too! Hoping we keep up with our visits from here on out. :-)