Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More visitors!!

Really, really hate this hot, humid weather!!  So much work to be done outside after being gone for so long, but it's just too hot to spend too much time making things look nice.

But despite the weather, we have had a few more visitors; so to speak.  A knock on the front door from PIKE (Electric)  last week, was to inform us of a power outage on Monday while the light pole in our front yard is replaced.  No, unfortunately, we are not in one of those neighborhoods where all the cable is buried underground.   So, for more than five hours, those guys worked in the hot hot sun, and got drenched in the rain.................  The old pole was rotting, so the new one, along with the new transformer is welcome.  But, not quite sure why they did not yet remove the old pole...........and the street light is not working!!

And on Tuesday - that clothes dryer that died before we left in June was finally replaced.

 Delivery successful from Lowes.........and my new Hot Point is a match to the washer we replaced last year.    Now .........gotta catch up on laundry!

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