Thursday, September 17, 2015

A new restaurant in town.........

Wednesday evening we met up with our good friends Nick and Tonyia for dinner.

We generally get together a little more frequently, but with our extended NY stay, and they being so busy, that just has not happened.   These two really need an extended "break".   This is a very  busy time of year for them, with their trucking business and yet they still manage to accomplish so much. So before dinner - let me share their most recent project.    While we were in NY they actually transformed their yard into a tropical paradise, including the sandy beach area behind the Tiki Bar.  Can't wait to see the completed Tiki Bar!

Anyway - we met up with them Wednesday at the Happy Chef.  This is one of the newest restaurants here in Lake Placid, and pretty much the only one that stays open past 2:00 pm in the afternoon.   The owner/chef was previously  master chef at some very high end restaurants so expectations were high.   Choice of soup or salad with dinner and three of us ordered the French Onion, and Tonyia the other, which was a Mexican type soup.   It was only a little after 5:00, with only one other table in the restaurant, and there was only enough French Onion for two!!  

 Rich, Nick and Tonyia all ordered pasta.  Rich - spaghetti and meatballs which he said was very good. Nick and Tonyia both had the special: Lasagna made with penne pasta.  Tonyia was not impressed, but Nick thought it was pretty good.  I guess I should not have ordered a Mexican dish in an Italian Restaurant, but I ordered their other special, the  Chicken Enchiladas.  They were dreadful; and COLD!  Clearly taken from the freezer and heated.  Came with black beans straight from the can and WHITE rice!!  Terrible!   Not real impressed with food or service.  Probably will not return.  

BUT - we really did enjoy the company of our good friends.

Back home - and we stayed up until after 11:00 pm, watching the CNN Republican Presidential debate! 


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