Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Festival with Friends

On Saturday, Rich and I met up with our good friends Nathan and Krystal at the 24th Annual Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival in Bradenton.  That's about an hour and half drive for us - but less than a half hour from their home in Myakka City.  This was a FIRST time for all of us.  This festival usually runs for three consecutive weekends in October - but unfortunately last weekend was cancelled because of heavy rainstorms which flooded the grounds.

As we drove up to event we were immediately impressed with the size of the grounds, despite being only able to see the parking area!  The festival opened earlier, but their was still a steady line of cars entering at 11:30.    The roads and parking area were still a bit muddy - and I'm sure more than one car got stuck in the mud.  Our assigned parking spot was about 14 rows back from the admission gate, where Nathan and Krystal were waiting for us.

Through the gate.......and our adventure began.  It was a pretty warm day, and already we could tell that this place was HUGE, and that meant a good amount of walking.  The place was actually beautiful, with the obvious PUMPKINS, yes, but everything was decorated perfectly from animal carvings in the trees, to hay and corn mazes, to scarecrows, to horse drawn buggies, and more...........

The first thing we did was to check out the map and what was going on where. Thanks to Nathan - he led the way to the Pumpkin Cannon - this was sooooooooo cool.  Can not believe how far that pumpkin flew!  Click here for a video that Krystal posted. VIDEO .  From there it was on to the Hartzells Crossbow of Death at the Saloon Bar.! I swear that arrow missed her head by no more than 1/2 inch!  And then we headed for The American Wall of Death Motordrome.  These guys on motorcycles were very good - especially that 65 year old driver who road "NO" handed! 

And , of course, we had to take time to check out the animals... birds, lama, goats, horses, pigs and a giant turtle that I missed a picture of.

In the midst of all his fun, we did stop for food an beverage. Before anyone else, Rich found his way to the fried dough booth, which he ate in the saloon while we watched the show.  Later we all stopped for a quick lunch, and found our way to the Boogie Barn, where we sat, relaxed, out of the sun, and listened to the Country Band. And before we headed for home we walked theough the craft areaan stoped to say hello to our neighbor John - who had his tent sent up, selling his custome made trunks. 

We both would have liked to stay a bit longer; there was definitely still a lot more left to see and do.  But it was a vvery warm sunny day, I was getting a head ache, and I could tell that Rich's back was bothering him, even though he would not say so.  We enjoyed our short day trip, and our time with Nathan and Krystal.

Back home about 4:30 and just relaxed for the rest of the night.  Dinner was very light. We split a bacon and cheese omelet, Rich putting his half between two slices of toast.

Next weekend the four of us are going to Ft. Myers; a trip to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater and a stop at the Shell factory on the way home

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