Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Emergency Room Visit!

Tuesday morning I was awake early, so headed out for my morning walk.  My plan for the day was to finish trimming up the bushes,  Only had some easy (or so I thought) trimming along one side to finish of the house and it would all be done, except for trimming some of the trees - and Rich would do that.

So, I figured the shower could wait until I finished in the yard.  Picked up the small grass shears and a plastic bag for the trimmings.  I was just finishing up the first row of bushes when I grabbed one of the branches in the back, an not paying attention to where my hand was..............I proceeded to clip my finger along with the branch!  OUCH!

SO....Rich and I headed for the Emergency Room. ( God, I wish I had taken a shower!) NO ONE waiting ( It was just after 8:30 AM) so they took me right in.  We were there for almost two hours, had six stitches, a tetanus shot, and three antibiotic pills and left with my finger wrapped in about 6 ft of bandages and prescription for more antibiotics.

I have to admit - the staff and doctor were very pleasant.  Dr. Nasary, was really pretty funny.  I wanted Rich - who was sitting there for the whole thing, to know that my "household skills" would be seriously jeopardised.  When I said " no cleaning, cooking or dish washing for a couple of weeks" he  looked at Rich and said  "two months... at least two months".  Then when I told him it had probably been more than 40 years since my last tetanus shot he got wise again.  Rich said  "don't they recommend you getting one every 10 years?"  To which the doctor replies " yes - so she will need to have four today!  One for each 10 years she missed."

Bandage came off this morning.  Was told to wash and dry. Use neosporan and cover with a band aid.  OH.......It is so ugly!!!!!  Supposed to heal in about 10 days, and then have the stitches pulled.  More fun!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! OUCH!!! Hope you heal quickly with less pain! We love ya'll!!