Sunday, October 4, 2015

Family Update......

Well - not too much going on these past couple of weeks. Been working in the yard - and met up with friends Nick and Tonyia for dinner at Bob Evans one night.

  Fall is starting to settle in; if you consider mid 80's to be Fall!  But it is supposed to get down in the 60's tonight.  Maybe we can keep the windows open pretty soon?

In the meantime Dennis and the grand kids have been busy and they've shared some really nice pictures.   Dennis, who still works for the military, has a job that affords him the pleasure of  pretty much word-wide travel.  His last work venture, just a few weeks ago took him to Hawaii.  We have told him that the next trip to Hawaii should be an extended stay and include the family, ( wife, kids, Dad and Me!).   Some nice pics......and we always enjoy those "selfies".

Back home to Davenport, IA...........and in time for the kids High School Homecoming. 

So hard to believe that Dalton is a Senior this year. One smart guy - that we are so very proud of.  Here he is with friends and his girlfriend Sara.  In addition to playing in the marching band, he also was an escort for the Home Coming Court. 

And Chauna - she's a Junior this year.  Also a very  beautiful and talented young lady, who, when not bowling or playing baseball, sings and dances with the show choir, and here she is demonstrating her skills as part of the flag team and with her boyfriend and homecoming partner, Ryan.

Having company for dinner today and I've been busy putting together Lasagna. Ready to put in the oven in about 5 minutes!  Always stuff to do around the house - but gotta get out and enjoy once in a while.  Dinner plans for Thursday in Sebring and just finished making plans to join friends at the  Broadway Palm Dinner Theater in Ft. Myers, later this month.  

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  1. :) Very Nice post. Thank You! Miss & love you both!