Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dinner with Friends - Birthday wishes!

Still doing our monthly get togethers.  Tuesday evening we met up with Nathan and Krystal and Buddy and Diane once again at our favorite dining place, The Hibachi Buffet.

Dinner, especially the Mongolian Grill was excellent, as usual.  I think we sat for better than an hour and a half, just talking (and laughing!).  And we got the waitress to get a picture of the group.   Next month will probably be our last until September.  We'll be leaving for a trip north for a while, and Buddy and Diane will be gone from June until September.   So our plan for May is to spend a Saturday at Nathan and Krystal's place for target practice, pizza on the grill and games!!!  

And today we celebrate another April birthday!  Happy Birthday to our super Sister-in-law, Diane Burger Donald!  I know you two are vacationing in Tennessee - so hope you're doing something special today!!!

Not much else going on..........working in the yard, getting the palms trimmed and the topiary out front.  Rich had another of the sprinklers break, so it was a repair job on that yesterday.  Still need to fertilize the palms, put the weed killer down and clean the sidewalks.  Probably should get some miracle grow on the pineapple plants too!!     Blood work next Tuesday.

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