Thursday, April 21, 2016

Proud Papa and Gramma Do

 On April 19th,  our granddaughter Chauna was inducted into the National Honor Society.  Not surprising since she carries a 4.0 grade average as a Junior at Davenport West High School in Davenport, IA .   She follows in the footsteps of her brother Dalton, who last year at this time was awarded the same honor, and who since then has been accepted at the University of Iowa.

We can not be more proud of both of our grand children, and of Dennis and Crystal who are awesome parents who have set such good examples and supported them in anything they do whether it be school,  scouts,sports, dance, music or just great family values!

Below are some pictures from Chauna's night.  What was extra special, her brother passed her the cord during the ceremony.   Also shown in the picture below with Chauna is her boyfriend Ryan, who was also inducted on Thursday, and Dalton and his girlfriend, Sara.  They both were inducted last year.  

And is I looked back - I don't think I ever shared these pictures of Dalton and his Dad on their trip for orientation at the University of Iowa.

And before I close this post, there is one more birthday to celebrate this month!  Dennis is not positive of the exact day....... but this month is also Shadow's birthday. His "old man bestest buddy" turned 16 years old!!  They got Shadow out of a van, in a parking lot at Walmart in Stockbridge, GA, when Chauna turned 1 year old.  Dennis says  " he's traveled around and has had some rough times, but he's such and awesome dog (son), happy, playful and such a great buddy."    Happy Birthday Shadow"

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